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Launch Your Self-Employment Business In 90 Days

Dream with us: in three months you are confidently self-employed. You know:

1) what you do,

2) why you do it, and

3) that people pay you for it.

The Self-Employment Launchpad course is a framework that guides you through the specific actions you need to take over a 90 day period to be confidently self-employed.

Self-Employment Is Too Important To "Learn The Hard Way"

Have you thought about how short your runway is (when you will run out of cash)? This season is too short and important to waste time and mental energy on learning the basics of self-employment.

Save Time And Take Control of Your Self-Employment Adventure

Learn The Essentials

From Self-Employment Veterans

Get Encouragement

From The SEL Community

Execute Simple Frameworks

That Are Proven To Work

We Get It...

We’ve been on the self-employment adventure for over 10 years.

We’ve learned a lot of lessons the hard way and want to help you avoid them so that you can be a successful self-employed business owner NOW!

-Danny & Amanda Nelson

This Is What You Can Expect From The Self-Employment Launchpad Experience...


Thirteen (13) Core Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

You and your cohort of up to five (5) people will meet weekly on Zoom for an hour. During this session you will…

  • Learn about the primary task to accomplish over the next week
  • Receive the tools you need to accomplish your task 
  • Know what to do if you want assistance or have questions about completing your task

Sort-of Optional: Daily Stand-Up Accountability Meetings

Spend just a few minutes at the start of every day with people that are as motivated as you are to succeed at self-employment. Everyone has about three (3) minutes to declare:

  • Yesterday I accomplished…
  • My three tasks today are…
  • Some things in my way are…

Drop-in Office Hours To Maintain Traction

Meet with Danny Nelson, your lead instructor, during the week to get clarification, hold yourself accountable, and get more goals if you finish your other goals early!


Three (3) Minisites

A $180/yr Value

Q: What is a minisite and what probem does it solve?

A: A minisite is a small — but powerful! — website. It is one of our sister products and is an essential part of the marketing funnel that you will build during the Self-Employment Launchpad course.

One of the most frustrating things about launching a self-employed business is building a website. A minisite removes nearly all of the complexities associated with launching a website.

We are committed to your success, so we hook you up with 3 minisites for a year.


Up To Four (4) People Like You Will Launch Alongside You

Each Self-Employment Launchpad cohort launches with up to five (5) people. You will learn together, encourage one another, and succeed together.


Special-Topic Breakout Sessions for the Whole SEL Community

Self-employment comes in many shapes, sizes, flavors, etc. We provide breakout sessions and on-demand mini-courses to supplement a variety of specialized needs.